Photo shoot

The location you choose for your pre-wedding, maternity, or fashion photo shoot can have a big impact on the overall result of your photographs. While a huge part of the outcome will rely on the skills of your chosen photographer, you have to choose your location wisely as well, to maximize what your photographer can do for you.


In choosing the perfect location, there are some things you have to put into consideration:


  • Choose a location that would give you a variety of sceneries you can take photos in. For an instance, you can choose a park with a lake or beautiful row of trees – so you can have photographs that would not appear monotonous.


  • Make sure that the location is not too crowded. If you are looking to have the photoshoot done in a public location, it would be harder to control the crowd – which could ruin your photos. If the photos will be taken in a public place, choose one that is not too crowded, or schedule the shoot to be carried out on a day that is not too busy.


  • If the photoshoot will be done in a public location, such as a park, find out if certain permits are needed and ensure that the required permits are secured prior to the day of the shoot. Some permits may take a few days to get approved.


  • Don’t forget to think about the accessibility of the location. For example, it is not very ideal to have the photos taken on a mountaintop if it requires hiking by foot since the photographer and his team will be carrying equipment and you would probably be carrying your wardrobe or makeup.


  • Consider having a backup indoor location just in case it rains. It wouldn’t hurt to prepare for any unexpected turns on the day of the shoot, such as weather changes.